How to Live Pain Free Naturally

How to Use this Blog

This is a how-to blog it’s a blog about honesty, your ability to see yourself, your patterns, your cycles, your habits, lifestyle and understand what they are pathways to success or excuses for failure. The question stands will you become who you always wanted to be, pain-free or are you happy with your life as it is today. A level of self-determined behavior to become a pain-free person has eluded many of you. The risks of giving up your pain seem to outweigh the possibility of success and many make the world more secure. That choice will in the long term leave you where you are, and leave you with a sense of dissatisfaction.

Throughout this blog, you will start by navigating that initial small acceptable first step and then when that step feels comfortable you will take another one and then a third. If you’re one of those people use this blog by picking out a few of the practices, and the techniques and perhaps even xeroxing them or writing them down in another way. This blog is filled with information for your intellect but it’s also filled with things that you can do to change. At first, you will feel uncomfortable and feel like all the problems, sadness and depression that pain causes you is not something you can give up. However, your ability to create your own happiness will guide you to what you need for the changes that you need to make.

I want you to understand that it’s your story and I hope that this blog to some degree exists so that you can maybe make the huge change, because for some people a huge change is actually easier than very small incremental changes. If you’re one of those people, use this blog by using the Pain Processing Approach to transform your perspective and beliefs. This blog is filled with things that you can do to change your entire way of life. But in the end, it’s up to you how you use this blog to change your life. So I invite you to become pain-free naturally starting now.

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